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How to Clean My Hair Extensions?

  • Comb or brush hair extensions initial before wetting to remove any potential tangles loose. If you want, you can bundle the hair into a ponytail.

  • Thoroughly wet the hair until it saturated

  • Apply an ample about of shampoo to the hair and make sure that it lathers.  In other words, bubbles MUST be produced.  Rinse the hair and repeat to make sure you are completely cleaning the hair.

  • Rinse out thoroughly all the shampoo. Apply conditioner to the hair. Like with your natural hair, spend evenly throughout the hair the conditioner.  Comb/brush the condition into the hair.

  • Rinse and repeat several times to ensure removal of  the conditioner residue

  • It is important to dry the hair completely in order to prevent any potential mold from growing in the weft of the hair extensions.  The best drying method is to unbundle the hair extensions and stretch them out by lying flat and allowing them to air dry. Other methods of drying the hair are to blow dry the hair or place hair in a traditional hair dryer covering the opening with a towel to seal in the heat while drying.  


NOTE: Unprocessed virgin hair is not bound by temperature of the heat applied unlike most hair extensions which recommend heat less than 400 degrees.



What is Remy Hair?

Remy Hair is the highest quality type of hair used for hair extensions. This type of hair used for extensions maintains the cuticle layer on the hair shaft. In addition the cuticle layer of hair will flow in the same direction which is important because this is what prevents hair matting, better known as tangled hair. What you will find in most instances with a few exceptions today, Remy Hair  is chemically processed and the cuticle layer of the hair has been stripped away and silicone substances has been added  along with other items to make money at your expense.
We do not provide any hair that had its cuticle layer removed.



Do Exclusively Pure Hair have a return policy or exchange policy?




How long does shipping usually take?
Orders In Stock items received by 5:00pm Central Time, will ship the following business day.

​Orders Out of Stock items will ship within 3 weeks from time of order being placed


How may I contact you?

Please feel free to contact us: 


Phone: 972.379.9032


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